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2100 W. Loop South

Suite 800

Houston, TX 77027


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1309 West 15th St.

 Suite 230

Plano, TX 75075



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Our Approach

FinishLine Tax Solutions is a full service, nationwide, fully accredited tax resolution firm. We provide tax services in Houston, TX and other parts of the country for companies and individuals who are experiencing serious tax problems with the IRS and state taxing authorities. Although we offer aggressive help with back taxes and any IRS problem, we DO NOT make outlandish promises to our clients. We do, however, guarantee  to each and every one of our clients that we will establish a tax resolution plan designed to solve their tax problem in a manner which is within their ability to pay as a taxpayer and that does not create a financial hardship. Additionally, as long as our clients do their part, we will ensure that there is protection in place from any unforseen wage garnishments, bank levies, tax liens and/or asset seizures.

We'll get you to the FinishLine!
Our Team

At FinishLine Tax Solutions, we only employ tax professionals who have extensive experience in the areas of tax problem solving and IRS negotiations. Our accomplished IRS tax attorneys, CPA's and enrolled agents have many combined years of tax resolution experience and have represented thousands of clients including individuals, sole proprietors, partnerships and corporations in resolving their IRS and state tax liability issues.


As a full service tax resolution firm, we assist companies and individuals experiencing serious IRS problems, income tax problems and state tax problems.  We also help in areas including IRS wage garnishments, IRS bank levies and unfiled tax returns. Our primary commitment to our clients is that we will provide the most effective and highly skilled IRS and State tax representation available. We will work diligently in assuring that all of our clients are treated fairly and treated with respect.


Regardless of your current IRS or State tax problem, FinishLine Tax Solutions will develop a tax resolution strategy that is guaranteed to satisfy both you, the client AND the IRS/State. We will design a tax resolution program that will not only get the IRS/State off  your back, protect your assets and alleviate stress, but could potentially save you thousands of dollars in the process.

Our Vision



Our Vision is grounded in the concept that all of our clients, despite their circumstances, are deserving of the most high quality service and tax representation available. We understand that many of our clients have endured extreme hardships and have been victims of the relentless pursuits of the IRS and state taxing authorities. We are committed to ensuring that our clients' tax problems are resolved in a manner which allows for each of them to be able to maintain a quality of life while keeping their livelihood and dignity intact.



"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." ... Albert Einstein

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