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Certified Public Accountants


Owning a business is about more than having a good idea that is successful. To remain viable, a firm must be set up properly and run in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws. When a certified public accountant is assigned as part of the resolutions team from the start, a young business has a better chance of achieving maximum profit and minimizing tax liability.


Why Do We Have CPA's On Our Team?


A CPA has a bachelor's degree, experience in the accounting field, and letters after his or her name as a result of passing a Uniform CPA exam administered by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. This makes a CPA more than just an accountant, but someone knowledgeable in internal accounting, administrative controls, payroll, cash management, loan procurement, financial analysis and reporting, taxes, financial planning, and more.


By developing a close relationship with a CPA, a business, or even an individual with more complicated finances, can make sure that all transactions are conducted in compliance with tax laws. Given that both the personal and business tax codes are lengthy and complex, a Certified Public Accountant is best equipped to advise clients of the tax consequences of their actions.


How A Certified Public Account Can Help A Business


  • Provide information about current regulations that might affect the operation

  • Verify that all income tax returns and sales, payroll, and franchise tax returns are accurately filed on time

  • Assist in tax planning by advising owners of the impact of changes in inventory procedures, acquisitions and mergers, transfers of ownership, and other actions that impact tax liability

  • Advise the business about depreciation, capital spending, contributions, and other matters that impact taxes

  • Obtain advance rulings from the IRS about tax consequences of actions such as stock acquisition from other companies

  • Handle withholding, file returns throughout the year, and prepare the corporate tax return


Work With FinishLine Tax Solutions For Tax Attorney And CPA Expertise


Make sure that your company takes advantage of the great body of knowledge that working closely with a CPA can offer. Contact FinishLine Tax Solutions where tax attorneys and certified public accountants work together to help you maximize profits, minimize tax issues and help you work out reasonable solutions with the IRS if conflicts arise.


Need a tax consultation? Request an appointment online or call: 855-527-5857. FinishLine Tax Solutions has clients in all 50 states and can help no matter where you live.