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February 19, 2017

When a taxpayer is confronted with an IRS or state tax problem, the first thought may be to go online to look for a tax attorney or a CPA to help them with their tax problem. While Tax Attorneys and CPA's typically have a degree of expertise as it relates to handling t...

Having IRS tax debt can be an overwhelmingly stressful situation. The IRS has incredibly profound priveleges and powers in terms of their collection processes. In fact, the IRS is the only entity in the country that has the legal right to seize personal assets without...

Receiving a letter from the IRS about back taxes is not a cause for panic, even if you owe money. Most people, however, don't take it that way and automatically assume the worst.

Standard IRS Letters

The IRS has 75 standardized notices that it sends out for a variety of...

Enrolled Agents

Along with attorneys and CPAs, an enrolled agent (or EA) is one of the three tax practitioners empowered to represent taxpayers before the IRS. The federal government licenses the EA, who can practice in any state. The name reflects that they are "enroll...

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