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Corporate Tax Returns Houston


Corporate tax or company tax refers to a tax imposed on entities that are taxed at the entity level in a particular jurisdiction.  Such taxes may include income or other taxes.  The tax systems impose an income tax at the entity level on certain type(s) of entities (company or corporation).  Many systems additionally tax owners or members of those entities on dividends or other distributions by the entity to the members.  The tax generally is imposed on net taxable income.  Net taxable income for corporate tax is generally financial statement income with modifications and may be defined in great detail within the system.  The rate of tax varies by jurisdiction.  The tax may have an alternative base, such as assets, payroll or income computed in an alternative manner.


Corporations may be taxed on their incomes, property or existence by various jurisdictions. Many jurisdictions impose a tax based on the existence or equity structure of the corporation.  Most jurisdictions tax corporations on their income.  Generally, this tax is imposed at a specific rate or range of rates on taxable income as defined within the system.


At FinishLine Tax Solutions  we work with numerous business clients and are entrusted with the management of the full spectrum of all of their corporate tax filings. No matter how complex the filings  may be, we have the technology, skills and  expertise to ensure that all of your corporate filings are prepared with absolute accuracy and prudence.