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State Tax Audit Representation


Every year, many individual taxpayers and businesses get audited. State tax audits are not much different than IRS Audits except that the type of tax liability may be different. Whether it is an individual State income tax audit, a State payroll tax audit for a business, or a State sales tax audit, knowing what to do and how to proceed may sometimes prevent unnecessary tax problems later on.


When you have been notified by the State that you are being audited, you should seek legal advice before providing any information or supporting documentation requested. If you represent yourself and you dont know what to say, when to say it, or provide the wrong information, you will more than likely increase your tax liability and expand the scope of the audit. Even in situations where you are in the right or have nothing to be worried about, once an Auditor gets involved, they may perceive your answers the out of context and make problems where there never were any.  Saying the wrong thing, not knowing how to respond, or actually discovering a mistake in the middle of a State Audit can trigger an IRS Audit or a referral to the IRS.


If you have received a notice of an audit, FinishLine Tax Solutions will provide you with a free initial consultation to determine what needs to be done to assist and protect you.


If you are being audited by the State or the Internal Revenue Service, contact us immediately so that we may intervene to ensure that you are effectively represented and protected.