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Tax Attorneys


When you have a personal or business tax problem with the IRS or a state taxing authority, it is important to hire a firm which employs attorneys with expertise in handling tax matters. Like all lawyers, tax attorneys have bachelor degrees and doctorate of law degrees (a Juris Doctor) but experience as a tax lawyer is crucial.


Our Tax Attorneys Are EXPERTS in Tax Code


Dealing with the IRS and other taxing bodies is complex, as our taxation system is built on a mind-boggling array of codes. While taxpayers may attempt to deal with the IRS themselves rather than hire tax resolutions firm, the process can be intimidating, time-consuming, frustrating, and ultimately, ineffective. Only professionals who are knowledgeable regarding the intricacies of the tax codes and the case laws that have developed around it have a fighting chance of working out a fair resolution in a reasonable amount of time.


A competent tax attorney can help in offering you reliable and accurate guidance regarding:


  • Tax issues

  • Applying for tax relief

  • Liens and levies on your property

  • Wage garnishments

  • Delinquent tax settlements


Obtain Best Results With Having A Tax Attorney on Your Resolution Team


By working with the IRS, a tax attorney can help craft a compromise settlement, an IRS payment plan, release of liens or levies, release of wage garnishments, or innocent spouse relief that can help you. The outcome is virtually guaranteed to be better than what you could achieve on your own.


Remember, the IRS is charged to collect taxes, which become debts to you. Even though you may have previously communicated with seemingly compassionate IRS representatives, the job of the IRS is to get the money you owe by whatever means necessary. Having attorneys on your side who work with a full service tax resolution firm increases the likelihood that the arrangements to which the IRS agrees will be in line with your ability to pay.


Let FinishLine Tax Solutions Help You Achieve A Fair Resolution


Rather than allow yourself to be intimidated by the IRS, select tax resolution experts with your interest in mind. At FinishLine Tax Solutions, our full-time job is negotiating with the IRS and other taxing agencies to craft reasonable settlements for our clients. Our staff of IRS tax attorneys, CPAs, Enrolled Agents and other tax professionals is not only educated and experienced in tax matters, but each participates in ongoing training to ensure that they remain up to speed on the ever changing tax codes, protocols, and procedures.


To get started on resolving your tax problems, schedule a consultation online today or call FinishLine Tax Solutions at: 855-527-5857.